HTTPov: A distributed
POV-Ray rendering system

What, why and where? IQ

Where can HTTPov be found?

Here. You will need to download both the server and either one of the clients to set up an HTTPov system of your own.

HTTPov client 1.2, Bash

HTTPov client 2.2.1, Python

HTTPov server 0.9

Optional: HTTPov status viewer 1.0

There are three example jobs, too:

Animation test job

Sliced still image

Sliced animation

Instructions included!

Microsoft Windows

HTTPovclient 1.2 needs some things that are not found on a typical Windows system:

Cygwin will provide suitable versions of bash, zip, unzip and curl. POV-Ray would most likely have to be compiled for Cygwin from source.

HTTPovclient 2.2 needs Python, which is not distributed with a typical Windows system.

The client was developed using Python 2.4, for compatibility with older systems, but should work fine with newer versions.

Version 2.2 of the client has been tested with POV-Ray for Windows. As far as I can tell, there is no good way to make it not display the editor, splash image, occasional requesters and things like that. If you plan to use it for distributed rendering, make no plans to use the machine interactively at the same time.

Of course, I could be wrong about the possibilities to tone its intrusiveness down. Please don't hesitate to tell me in that case!

Third party tools

combineppm is very handy when it comes to stitching rendered slices together:

combineppm.c, by Paul Bourke, part of his tools for distributing POVRay rendering.

Where can the author be found?

The quickest response would be via e-mail, at (That's right; I don't even try to obfuscate that address, as it already is swamped with spam. Including the word 'httpov' in the subject line improves your chances of being seen. At least until the spammers find out.)

This contact form can also be used to get in touch with me, but my response time will be longer:

Filling in your e-mail address in the from field is completely optional. Without it, I can't reply to your message, but I will still get it.


Public release 4:

HTTPov server 0.8

Public release 3 history:

HTTPov client 2.2.1:
A misindented sleep() in 2.2 caused the activity notification thread to consume all available CPU while the client was idle.

HTTPov server 0.7

Public release 2:

HTTPov client 1.1, Bash

HTTPov client 2.1, Python

HTTPov server 0.6

Public release 1:

HTTPov client 1.0, Bash

HTTPov server 0.5

httpovjob is a perl script by Ryan Voots:

httpovjob-0.5.tar.gz, by Ryan Voots, simplifies the process of inserting job parameters into the database of HTTPov server 0.5. It requires two perl modules to be installed that do not come with perl itself, Archive::Zip and YAML, these should be simple to install either via CPAN or with the installer from your distribution.