Scannermovie by-product

I was recently shown an article about Jay Mark Johnson's work on what he calls a photographic timeline. That is a very fitting name for this technique.

Such timelines can be built from the same video files a scanner image is built from. All you have to do is to reassemble the columns in a different order, and you're done.

The background images in this site's page headers are parts of such photographic timelines. I experimented with different reassembly orders, and found the ghostly, desert like images produced by people walking past a beige wall very fascinating. This page's heading is part of the timeline below, an image that is 3030x720 pixels in original:

Skvallertorget, Norrköping, Sweden

Aaand action!

This page is called "The videographic timeline". Why?

A video file, captured with 1280 parallel, virtual slit cameras, can be used to build a timeline movie, just as easily as a scanner movie. Those slit cameras are pointing in slightly different directions, and all the timelines from the video file will look different. Put after each other in time, they form a video file themselves.

Below is a video, scaled down from the original 3030x720 pixel size to fit regular screens, of the timelines created from the same video the scanner movie was built from:


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