Hi there. Welcome to the first post on Outstanding Experiments.

I'm interested in many things, and would like to experiment with all of them, be it physics, programming, social, or any number of different kinds of experiments. However, I frequently find myself having more ideas and interests than time to actually do something about them. It's time to make something happen!

I'm not the kind of person that announce his grand plans and lofty visions to the world, promising to deliver, and then goes on to the next project without the current one materializing.

I'm more of the kind that envision grand plans in his mind, work on them in secret, and hope to present the completed project to the world. Then time or other resources run out, and the project is placed on the back burner in favor of a new, exciting endeavour.

Both of these personality types have obvious drawbacks. Not wanting to be either one of them, I've decided to combine the best parts of both, and become the kind of person that bestow his genious upon the world, without having to do any hard work himself.

Which, in itself, sounds like a really annoying kind of person.


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