This is where I'm going to publish information about my outstanding experiments in programming, physics, graphics, and other fields. Not outstanding as in exceptionally good, but outstanding as in yet to be done, if ever.

When I first thought of this blog, I wanted to give it the humorous and somewhat morbid tagline 'killing my darlings', in part as a reference to the writers' saying 'kill your darlings', and in part because I'd be able to expel old, unfinished projects from my bad conscience. Then I realised that killing them is exactly what I've been doing all these years, keeping them under lock and key in my mind, slowly dwindling and dying due to lack of care. On the other hand, by publishing my thoughts, I just may be able to give my darlings a life of their own, hence 'Saving my darlings?'.

What I publish here will be a mix of things that are pure theory that I haven't tried for real, and things that has consumed much of my time, but never quite seem to get finished because work and life get in the way. If somebody would like to hire me to properly finish a darling or something related, I'm of course open to offers.

If what I describe already exists, feel free to tell me about it; I'd be delighted to find out more!

If what I describe doesn't exist (an intriguing, but highly unlikely scenario), feel free to implement it, and then tell me; I'd be delighted to find out more about that, too!

If what I describe is utter nonsense (a bit more likely than the above), feel free to tell me about that, too. I'd be delighted, et cetera.